About Premier Search Consultants

Premier Search Consultants was founded in April, 2016 by Mark Spino, with the goal of applying his 18 years of recruiting experience to small and mid-sized companies in Northeast Ohio, providing them with a customized, contingency search for key talent.

Provide companies with a customized, contingency search for key talent

About Mark


Graduated from Benedictine High School in 1983. Graduated from Kent State University in 1989, BS in Secondary Education.  Taught school until 1994, then changed careers into the manufacturing sector. Changed careers again in 2000, to the recruiting field. Initially interviewed for a production supervisor position with one of the clients listed with the CarmonRogers Group Search Firm, but ended up accepting a position with them instead. Worked there from 2000-2016 (name changed to Rogers Group in 2002).


A commitment to honoring agreements

Mark’s been married for 26 years and has three grown children. No bankruptcies, no foreclosures, no criminal record, no divorce, no judgements, no arrests, 800+ credit score. These points indicate several traits that are important in a business relationship:

  1. A commitment to honoring agreements,
  2. A reasonable approach to solving problems
  3. Good judgement
  4. A willingness to make amends


We don’t waste the employers time, nor the candidates

We have an industry track record of filling 1 out of every 2 positions we set up interviews for. And of the positions we fill, we have a track record of needing only 2 candidates to be interviewed to get the right person. We don’t waste the employers time, nor the candidates. Our goal for service to employers is to offer a customized service, limiting the amount of time they need to spend reviewing resumes/interviewing candidates. And our goal for service to candidates is to present opportunities that are a great match for their background and are opportunities that are going to be of interest to them.